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30th Year Reunion Feedback

We hope you enjoyed our 30th Year reunion as much as we did. It was great to see some first timers to our reunion as well as some regulars. I will post the photos that I took up on our class facebook page in the next few days (because storage on this website would cost me aditional money and FB is free) please go HERE to check those out and to submit your own pictures!


Remember to visit the Forever Yours Photography website to view our class gallery and order individual or group photos. There are other photo packages available as well.


Look for information regarding the video/DVD to be announced soon.

Please take a moment to tell us about your experience. The survey will use a sliding scale from 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

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* Answer Required
1)   * What is your opinion of the location (The Sirata)?

2)   * How do you feel about the price? @ $100 per person for both nights?

3)   * When I go out to dinner, I usually spend...

Include all costs (tax, tip, drinks)
4)   * What did you think of the decorations/theme?

5)   * What did you think of the food?

6)   * What did you think of the beverages for Friday Night?

7)   * Thinking about Friday Night, would you prefer that we had BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) combined with a reasonable priced cash bar stocked with mixers, to keep the costs down?

(Hint: We spent over $700 on the bar)
8)   * What did you think about the music on Friday night?

Volume, Selection etc
9)   * What did you think about the entertainment/music on Saturday night?

10)   * I'd rather have a professional DJ:

11)   * My overall opinion of the reunion is:

12)   * Tell us in your own words how you felt about the reunion overall:

13)   * Please tell us your thoughts on the Friday event specifically:

14)   * Please tell us your thoughts on the Saturday event specifically:

15)   Tell us what you would have like to have seen done differently:

I would have...
16)   * The feedback you have provided here will be invaluable for our future reunions, as we strive to make each new reunion a story to remember! There are many ways you can participate in our next reunion please let us know what works best for you!

Tell us how you'd like to participate
17)   * Many people I spoke with this weekend expressed an interest in having "informal" get togethers such as Happy Hours. If an event like this was organized would you participate?

18)   * In thinking about "Informal reunions" what would be a suitable schedule? Examples may include yearly, or quarterly or based on a season (like football games) etc.