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07/28/08 04:59 PM #1    


R David Paine III

Welcome to the Northeast High School Class Of 1983 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/30/08 09:21 PM #2    

Missy Marriott (Kane)

Hey David, thank you for taking the time to put this together. Hopefully people will check it out. It was great to see you this past weekend.

08/01/08 08:09 PM #3    

Shannon Quinn (Storey)

Thanks so much David for creating this website and all the hard work you have put into it! You are amazing! I know the 30 year will be Awesome!

08/01/08 08:58 PM #4    

Jacklyn Ferrell (McMahon)

Wow David, what an awesome job you have done with this website! Thank you for your efforts. It was great to see you and other old friends at our recent reunion. I'm sure our reunions will only continue to get better!

08/02/08 09:17 PM #5    

Mark Santilli

Thanks David this is a great idea..

08/09/08 02:48 PM #6    

Susan Puckett (Spoor-Kaplan)


Great job on this, thanks! It was a fun time and I'm sure our others will be great!

Sue Puckett Spoor

08/23/08 10:50 AM #7    

Kim Heath (Carrico)

Thanks for doing this...you rock! We all had such a great time together and your words on the video were so true! You'll have to see it. We all appreciate your time and effort. I have made a donation thru my pay pal to offset your costs. Thanks-Kimmi

11/16/08 08:16 PM #8    

Kevin Singletary


Great job on the website. I sent you an email. I kinda stumbled across this tonight. Great idea, I will tell other NEHI classmates.

11/16/08 08:18 PM #9    

Kevin Singletary


My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there. I had no idea. Be blessed...Kevin

11/18/08 07:35 AM #10    

Kim Heath (Carrico)

So sorry to hear that you are not out of the woods yet. I will pray for you. Blessings to your family this season.

12/04/08 07:30 PM #11    

John Miller

David you did an excellent job with the site bubba. Thank you very much!!!!

07/22/09 01:02 PM #12    


R David Paine III

Please make sure if you update or change your email address that you remember to change it here we have already lost 3 people!!!

12/02/12 02:01 AM #13    

Robert Dale Ramsey

Hey David you are the man ;) you have done a great job with this web site and everything you have done putting this reunion together!!

05/21/13 03:00 PM #14    

Xanthe Walters (Johnson)


Hello to you allll........Wowwwww!  30 years.....In case you are wondering...This is Xanthe Johnson (Walters), Identical twin of Xanthea McKenzie (Walters)........


Certainly going to try and make this reunion.........Smooches and God bless to all!  PEACE


05/24/13 09:09 AM #15    

Byron Keith Crosby

David Paine for president !!

05/26/13 11:12 AM #16    


R David Paine III

You are too funny Keith!

07/16/13 07:57 PM #17    


Gloria Shazell

Hi this is Gloria Shazell didnt make it this year hope to be there next year.. Take care..

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